Conservation Biology seminar

The Seminar is the informal platform where we exchange information about division activities and research projects. BSc, MSc and PhD students present here their research proposals and results. External speakers are also invited to contribute. The presentation usually lasts 30-40 minutes; local speakers can be interrupted by the audience when clarification is needed. A general discussion follows. Students intending to take part have to register on ILIAS before the start of the seminar. Registration of participating students on KSL should be effected at latest two weeks before the end of the event.

Location: Erlachstrasse 9a Trakt II (central building), seminar room (ground floor)

Time schedule: Wednesday, 10:30–12:00

Fall semester 2022

21.09.2022 Yann Rime, Vogelwarte
Migration behaviour and habitat preferences of a high-alpine long-distance migrant

28.09.2022 Angeleri Romain, PhD results
The White-backed Woodpecker as an umbrella species for threatened saproxylic beetles in Central Europe

05.10.2022 Anita Schmid, BSc results
Linking flight behavioral states of golden eagles to terrain characteristics

12.10.2022 Célestin Luisier, BSc results
Effects of the global warming on the winter distribution of a partial migratory montane species, the Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria), in the Swiss alps

19.10.2022 Rico Felder, BSc results
Analyzing two different attachment methods of radio-transmitters for juvenile Upupa epops (European Hoopoe)

26.10.2022 Maude Vernet, BSc results
Testing the mesopredator release theory based on camera trap data in Valais

02.11.2022 Dr Felicity Newell
Using montane climate to provide insights into a changing climate: How rainfall regulates reproduction across multi-trophic food webs in Andean cloud forest

09.11.2022 Alina Kurmann, MSc first results
Mid-term effects of grassland restoration on wild bee communities

16.11.2022 Gilles Hauser , MSc first results
Saproxylic beetles communities related to forest structures

23.11.2022 Laurent Schenker, MSc first results, and Greg Egloff , BSc results
Small structures for mustelids

30.11.2022 Shaquille Matthys, MSc first results
Multi-criteria assessment of control methods for the invasive red eared slider (Trachemys scripta) in Switzerland

07.12.2022 Maria Villalpando, MSc first results
First species distribution model of the critically endangered coral species Dendrogyra cylindrus in the Dominican Republic to promote local conservation actions

14.12.2022 Giacomo Rosa, University of Genova
Optimizing monitoring and conservation of herpetofauna with limited resources

21.12.2022 Jérémie Moulin, University of Lausanne
Understanding the dynamic of wolves attacks on livestock