Conservation Biology seminar 2019


20.02.2019 (1) Astrance Chervet-Fenestraz (MSc final resutls); (2) Ivan Candolfi (MSc proposal); and (3) Carol Niffenegger (BSc proposal)
(1) Habitat selection by the ring ouzel in Swiss mountains: a multiscale approach
(2) Understanding the impact of seasonal prey availability in the breeding ecology of a threatened alpine bird species, the ring ouzel
(3) The effect of seasonal environmental factors on the nestling diet and breeding success of alpine ring ouzels

27.02.2019 Elisenda Peris (MSc proposal)
Revitalized but levee-constrained river beds: ecologycal trap for rare wading birds?

06.03.2019 Gino Enz (MSc proposal)
Effects of a-/biotic factors on Auchenorrhyncha communities in extensively managed meadows

13.03.2019 Gerard Martinez MSc proposal)
Mountain grasslands - passive restoration with respect to landscape matrix

20.03.2019 Lucas Rossier (MSc proposal); and (2) Cécile Auberson (BSc proposal)
(1) Effects of two refuge management methods on grassland biodiversity?
(2) Influence of forest shading on plant communities in lowland grasslands

27.03.2019 Dina Gebhardt (BSc results); and (2) Paul Rivas (BSc proposal)
(1) Density estimations of ungulate prey species based on camera trap data

03.04.2019 Franziska Arnold (MSc proposal)
Do neonicotinoids impact hoopoes and their prey?

10.04.2019 Mini-symposium of current MSc students (final results)
(1) 10:30 Noëlle Klein. Effects of grassland intensification on Orthoptera as food resource for insectivorous birds
(2) 10:45 Julia Besimo. Breeding ecology of the Snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis) in the Swiss Alps
(3) 11:00 Sarah Ettlin. Ecological characteristics of extensively managed hay meadows in the Swiss lowlands
(4) 11:15 Roman Roth. Determinants of species composition of invertebrates in extensively managed grasslands in the Swiss lowland


18.09.2019 No seminar, but CB meeting for current and future CB members

25.09.2019 Simone Giavi, University of Bern
The darkness defeated: artificial light at night modifies ecosystem functioning beyond the lit area

02.10.2019 Ségolène Humann-Guilleminot (PhD proposal)
Passive restoration of species impoverished, mountain grasslands: from degraded, species-poor to integral stable-state ecosystems

09.10.2019 Arnaud Barras (PhD resutls)
Modelling Ring Ouzel habitat suitability at the Swiss scale in the context of global change

16.10.2019 Ariane Stoeckli (BSc results)
Transfer of invertebrates via hay transfer to restore extensively managed grasslands in Switzerland

23.10.2019 Carla Anliker (BSc results)
How does the age and vegetation of extensively managed meadows influence Heteroptera diversity?

30.10.2019 (1) Lucas Rossier (MSc first results) and (2) Cécile Auberson (BSc results)
(1) The effects of permanent and rotational uncut grass refuges on plant species richness and plant community composition in extensively managed meadows in the Swiss lowlands
(2) Influence of forest shading on the plant communities of extensively managed meadows located on the Swiss lowlands

06.11.2019 Dr Konstantina Zografou, University of Bern
Diversity patterns of butterflies and their responses to climate change

13.11.2019 Elisenda Peris (MSc first results)
Habitat selection of the Common Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos) and the Little Ringed Plover (Charadrius dubius) in the Rhone river in Valais

20.11.2019 (1) Ivan Candolfi (MSc first results) and (2) Carole Niffenegger (BSc results)
(1) The seasonal pattern of prey availability and its effects on the foraging habitat selection and breeding phenology of Alpine Ring Ouzels
(2) Nestling diet and parental care of Ring Ouzels (Turdus torquatus) in the Swiss Alps

27.11.2019 Gerard Martinez De Leon (MSc first results)
Environmental Factors shaping land snail communities in montane and subalpine intensively managed meadows

04.12.2019 (1) Valentin Moser (BSc results) and (2) Paul Rivas Luginbühl (BSc results)
(1) Effect of a disturbance event on feeding behavior in Hoopoe Upupa epops
(2) Capturing ungulate densities, replication and additional results

11.12.2019 Franziska Arnold (MSc first results)
Tracking five neonicotinoids and chlorpyrifos in European Hoopoe feathers from 2001 to 2012 & in 2019

18.12.2019 Raphaël Arlettaz (final results)
Birds of Valais