Journal club

Here we discuss a recently published paper relevant to the field of conservation biology. The paper is introduced by a pre-selected BSc, MSc or PhD student (mandatory for getting ECTS). The presentation consists of a short summary (10') followed by an evaluation (5’). There is then a general discussion with the audience. Note that the autumn journal club (1.5 ECTS) takes place throughout the semester, whereas the spring journal club (0.75 ECTS) takes place only during the first half of the semester. Students intending to take part have to register on ILIAS before the start of the journal club. Registration of participating students on KSL should be effected at latest two weeks before the end of the event.

Location: Erlachstrasse 9a Trakt II (central building), seminar room (ground floor)

Time schedule: Wednesday, 14:15–15:00

Spring semester 2022


23.02.2022 Introduction to the Journal club and distribution of papers

02.03.2022 Célestin Luisier
Freeman et al. 2021. Montane species track rising temperatures better in the tropics than in the temperate zone. Ecology Letters, 24:1697-1708. (Proposed by Ian) PDF

09.03.2022 Antoine Roulin
Seibold et al. 2021. The contribution of insects to global forest deadwood decomposition. Nature, 597:77-81. (Proposed by Romain) PDF

16.03.2022 Shaquille Matthys
Foley et al. 2011. Solutions for a cultivated planet. Nature, 478:337-342. (Proposed by Jean-Yves) PDF

23.03.2022 Lucy Novovitch
Cusack et al. 2021. Quantifying the checks and balances of collaborative governance systems for adaptive carnivore management. Journal of Applied Ecology, 00:1-12. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

30.03.2022 Laurent Schenker
Santos et al. 2021. Black kites of different age and sex show similar avoidance responses to wind turbines during migration. Royal Society Open Science, 8:201933. (Proposed by Sergio) PDF

06.04.2022 Maude Vernet
Mikoláš et al. 2021. Natural disturbance impacts on trade-offs and co-benefits of forest biodiversity and carbon. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 288:20211631. (Proposed by Veronika) PDF

13.04.2022 Gilles Hauser
Cox et al. 2014. Post‐fledging survival in passerine birds and the value of post‐fledging studies to conservation. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 78:183-193. (Proposed by Ian) PDF

20.04.2022 Eastern break, enjoy it :-)