Journal club

Here we discuss a recently published paper relevant to the field of conservation biology. The paper is introduced by a pre-selected BSc, MSc or PhD student (mandatory for getting ECTS). The presentation consists of a short summary (10') followed by an evaluation (5’). There is then a general discussion with the audience. Note that the autumn journal club (1.5 ECTS) takes place throughout the semester, whereas the spring journal club (0.75 ECTS) takes place only during the first half of the semester. Students intending to take part have to register on ILIAS before the start of the journal club. Registration of participating students on KSL should be effected at latest two weeks before the end of the event.

Location: Erlachstrasse 9a Trakt II (central building), seminar room (ground floor)

Time schedule: Wednesday, 14:15–15:00

Autumn semester 2022


21.09.2022 Introduction to the Journal club and distribution of papers

28.09.2022 Célestin Luisier
Mateo-Tomás et al. 2022. The continued deficiency in environmental law enforcement illustrated by EU sanitary regulations for scavenger conservation. Biological Conservation, 270:109558. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

12.10.2022 Laurent Schenker
Buxton et al. 2020. Half of resources in threatened species conservation plans are allocated to research and monitoring. Nature Communications, 11:4668. (Proposed by Romain) PDF

19.10.2022 Gaëtan Marchand
Alston et al. 2011.Reciprocity in restoration ecology: When might large carnivore reintroduction restore ecosystems?. Biological Conservation, 234:82-89. (Proposed by Vero) PDF

26.10.2022 Gregory Egloff
Tempa et al. 2019. The spatial distribution and population density of tigers in mountainous terrain of Bhutan. Biological Conservation, 238:108192. (Proposed by Jean-Yves) PDF

02.11.2022 Marina Hofer
Raynor et al. 2021. Wolves make roadways safer, generating large economic returns to predator conservation. PNAS, 118:e2023251118. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

09.11.2022 Lisa Moser
Redford 1992. The empty forest. BioScience, 42:412-422. (Proposed by Ian) PDF

16.11.2022 Ken Graf
Ferrer et al. 2022. Significant decline of Griffon Vulture collision mortality in wind farms during 13-year of a selective turbine stopping protocol. Global Ecology and Conservation, in press. (Proposed by Sergio) PDF

23.11.2022 Rico Felder
Rolek et al. 2022. Flight characteristics forecast entry by eagles into rotor-swept zones of wind turbines. IBIS, 78:183-193. (Proposed by Sergio) PDF

30.11.2022 Maude Vernet
Alves et al. 2021. ‘Self-fumigation’ of nests by an endangered avian host using insecticide-treated feathers increases reproductive success more than tenfold. Animal Conservation, 24:239-245. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

07.12.2022 Gilles Hauser
Oettel et al. 2021. Linking forest management and biodiversity indicators to strengthen sustainable forest management in Europe Ecological Indicators, 122:107275. (Proposed by Romain) PDF

14.12.2022 Shaquille Matthys
Anderson et al. 2021. Navigating the multiple meanings of β diversity: a roadmap for the practicing ecologist. Ecology Letters, 14:19-28. (Proposed by Romain) PDF

21.12.2022 Maria Villalpando
Carter et al. 2021. Incorporating management action suitability in conservation plans. Journal of Applied Ecology, in press. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF