Journal club

Here we discuss a recently published paper relevant to the field of conservation biology. The paper is introduced by a pre-selected BSc, MSc or PhD student (mandatory for getting ECTS). The presentation consists of a short summary (10') followed by an evaluation (5’). There is then a general discussion with the audience. Note that the autumn journal club (1.5 ECTS) takes place throughout the semester, whereas the spring journal club (0.75 ECTS) takes place only during the first half of the semester. Students intending to take part have to register on ILIAS before the start of the journal club. Registration of participating students on KSL should be effected at latest two weeks before the end of the event.

Spring 2024: With this special edition of our journal club, students get an insight into the process of scientific publishing in ecology and conservation. They learn about scientific writing and reproducibility, but also about the pros and cons of the peer-review process and how it helps shape and improve scientific research. At each session, one or more students will present a peer-reviewed article written by one of the CB group's PhD and postdocs. The following discussion will allow critical feedback and Q&A with the author(s) both about the scientific content and the publishing process.

Location: Muesmattstrasse 27, room 116 (1st floor)

Time schedule: Wednesday, 14:15–15:00

Spring semester 2024


21.02.2024 Introduction to the Journal club and distribution of papers

28.02.2024 Luca and Tom
Ausprey et al. (2023). Sensitivity of tropical montane birds to anthropogenic disturbance and management strategies for their conservation in agricultural landscapes. Conservation Biology 37(6) e14136 (Author: Ian) PDF
Supplementary materials: PDF

6.3.2024 Lisa and Laetitia
Scheele et al. (2019) Amphibian fungal panzootic causes catastrophic and ongoing loss of biodiversity. Science 363.6434 (2019): 1459-1463. (Author: Stefano) PDF
Comment by Lambert et al. (2020):PDF
Reply by Scheele et al. (2020):PDF

13.3.2024 Fimona and Sidney
Morán Ordóñez et al. (2018) Efficiency of species survey networks can be improved by integrating different monitoring approaches in a spatial prioritization design. Conservation Letters 11(6), e12591. (Author: Alejandra) PDF
Original review reports: PDF

20.3.2024 Jeanne, Lalya and Pascal
Lacroix et al. (2023) A 91% decline in a common anuran in an otherwise stable amphibian community inferred from 17 years of rapid road surveys. Animal Conservation 27(1), 37-52. (Author: Njal) PDF
Original review reports: PDF

27.3.2024 Silja and Lara
Humbert et al. (2012) Does delaying the first mowing date benefit biodiversity in meadowland? Environmental Evidence 2012, 1:9. (Author: Jean-Yves) PDF

3.4.2024 Easter break

10.4.2024 Greg and Léa
Roder et al. (2020) Deer density drives habitat use of establishing wolves in the Western European Alps Journal of Applied Ecology 57, 995–1008. (Author: Vero) PDF