PACE (Plant & Animal Conservation Ecology)

The goal of this lecture series is to provide students with a broad view of conservation research and practice, and to contribute to bridging the gap between the two. We invite people working in biodiversity conservation within different professional frameworks (NGOs, federal and cantonal administration, media), as well as people carrying out conservation research. Each lecturer provides materials which the students have to study beforehand.

Location: In 2022 the presentations take place at the Institute of Plant Sciences (Altenbergrain 21, 3013 Bern) - Room 61 (Hörsaal)

Time schedule: Thursday, 16:15 - 18:00

Autumn semester 2022


22.09.2022 Introduction to the PACE seminars and information on exam

29.09.2022 Prof. Margaret Owuor, Wyss Academy
Conservation of biodiversity in developing countries: an integrative approach (PDF, PDF)

06.10.2022 No seminar

13.10.2022 No seminar

20.10.2022 Dr Sarah Bürli, University of Bern
What makes a plant species rare and how can we improve its conservation? (PDF)

27.10.2022 Dr Eva Spehn, Forum Biodiversity (Swiss Academy of Sciences)
BIodiversity Science-Policy: insights into CBD and IPBES (PDF)

03.11.2022 Dr Gözde Çilingir, University of Zurich
From Southeast Asia to East Africa: Genomic Approaches in the Conservation of Threatened Turtles (PDF, PDF)

10.11.2022 Dr Norman Kearney, University of Bern (Centre for Development and Environment)
Charting pathways for sustainability transformations with scenario simulation (PDF)

17.11.2022 Prof. Yvonne Willi, University of Basel
Why are there so many species? - The role of trade-offs (PDF)

24.11.2022 Franziska Lörcher, Vulture Conservation Foundation
Vulture Conservation in Europe (Pro Bartgeier; Vulture Conservation Foundation)

01.12.2022 Bruno Mainini, CITES (Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office)
CITES? Can a handbag save an animal species?

08.12.2022 No seminar

15.12.2022 Exam

22.12.2022 No seminar