Conservation Biology seminar 2012


Introduction to the journal club and distribution of papers

29.02.2012 Tamara Emmenegger (1) and Nathalie Keller (2)
(1) Lehikoinen, A. & K. Jaatinen. 2011. Delayed autumn migration in northern European waterfowl. Journal of Ornithology (Online First)

(2) Courchamp, F., T. Clutton-Brock & B. Grenfell. 1999. Inverse density dependence and the Allee effect. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 14: 405-410.

07.03.2012 Nadine Apolloni
Clark, R.W., W.S. Brown, R. Stechert & K.R. Zamudio. 2010. Roads, Interrupted Dispersal, and Genetic Diversity in Timber Rattlesnakes. Conservation Biology 24: 1059-1069.

14.03.2012 Carlo Furrer
Zurell, D., V. Grimm, E. Rossmanith, N. Zbinden, N.E. Zimmermann & B. Schröder. 2011. Uncertainty in predictions of range dynamics: black grouse climbing the Swiss Alps. Ecography (Early View), 14 pages.

21.03.2012 Laura Bruppacher (1) and Daniela Miltner (2)
(1) Zellweger-Fischer, J., M. Kéry & G. Pasinelli. 2011. Population trends of brown hares in Switzerland: The role of land-use and ecological compensation areas. Biological Conservation 144: 1364-1373.

(2) Vonlanthen, P., D. Bittner, A.G. Hudson, K.A. Young, R. Müller, B. Lundsgaard-Hansen, D. Roy, S. Di Piazza, C.R. Largiader & O. Seehausen. Eutrophication causes speciation reversal in whitefish adaptive radiations. Nature 482: 357-362.

28.03.2012 Eléonore Tran
Rader, R., B.G. Howlett, S.A. Cunningham, D.A. Westcott & W. Edwards. 2012. Spatial and temporal variation in pollinator effectiveness: do unmanaged insects provide consistent pollination services to mass flowering crops? Journal of Applied Ecology 49: 126-134.

04.04.2012 Lea Hofstetter (1) and Sascha Wellig (2)
(1) Papworth, S.K., J. Rist, L. Coad & E.J. Milner-Gulland. 2009. Evidence for shifting baseline syndrome in conservation. Conservation Letters 2: 93-100.

(2) Schlaepfer, M.A., D.F. Sax & J.D. Olden. 2011. The Potential Conservation Value of Non-Native Species. Conservation Biology 25: 428-437.


Introduction to the journal club and distribution of papers

26.09.2012 Lea Hofstetter
Hautier, Y., P.A. Niklaus & A. Hector. 2009. Competition for Light Causes Plant Biodiversity Loss After Eutrophication. Science 324: 636-638.

03.10.2012 Eléonore Tran
Hudewenz, A., A.M. Klein, C. Scherber, L. Stanke, T. Tscharntke, A. Vogel, A. Weigelt, W.W. Weisser & A. Ebeling. 2012. Herbivore and pollinator responses to grassland management intensity along experimental changes in plant species richness. Biological Conservation 150: 42-52.

10.10.2012 Nathalie Keller
Huggett, A.J. 2005. The concept and utility of "ecological thresholds" in biodiversity conservation. Biological Conservation 124: 301-310.

17.10.2012 Isabel Kühne
Balmford, A., R. Green & B. Phalan. 2012. What conservationists need to know about farming. Proceedings of the Royal Society. Series B, Biological sciences 279: 2714-2724.

24.10.2012 Sascha Wellig
Jung, K., S. Kaiser, S. Böhm, J. Nieschulze & E.K.V. Kalko. 2012. Moving in three dimensions: effects of structural
complexity on occurrence and activity of insectivorous bats in managed forest stands. Journal of Applied Ecology 49: 523-531.

31.10.2012 Tobias Schmid
Good, A.G. & P.H. Beatty. 2011. Fertilizing Nature: A Tragedy of Excess in the Commons. PLoS Biology 9: e1001124.

07.11.2012 Walesa Edho Prabowo
Gibbons, J.M., E. Nicholson, E.J. Milner-Gulland & J.P.G. Jones. 2011. Should payments for biodiversity conservation be
based on action or results? Journal of Applied Ecology 48: 1218-1226.

14.11.2012 Livio Rey
Lindenmayer, D. & M. Hunter. 2010. Some Guiding Concepts for Conservation Biology. Conservation Biology 24: 1459-1468.

21.11.2012 Laura Bruppacher (1) and Sarah Delley (2)
(1) Ekroos, J. & M. Kuussaari. 2011. Landscape context affects the relationship between local and landscape species richness of butterflies in semi-natural habitats. Ecography 35: 232-238.

(2) Perner, J., C. Wytrykush, A. Kahmen et al. 2005. Effects of plant diversity, plant productivity and habitat parameters on arthropod abundance in montane European grasslands. Ecography 28: 429-442.

28.11.2012 Nina Gerber
Ripple, W.J. & R.L. Beschta. 2012. Trophic cascades in Yellowstone: The first 15 years after wolf reintroduction. Biological Conservation 145: 205-213.

05.12.2012 Till Zaugg
Yang, H., L. Jiang, L. Li, A. Li, M. Wu & S. Wan. 2012. Diversity-dependent stability under mowing and nutrient addition: evidence from a 7-year grassland experiment. Ecology Letters 15: 619-626.

12.12.2012 Laura Bosco
Gillespie M. & S.D. Wratten. 2012. The importance of viticultural landscape features and ecosystem
service enhancement for native butterflies in New Zealand vineyards. Journal of Insect Conservation 16: 13-23.

19.12.2012 Nicolas Guillod
Jarosz, A.F., G.J.H. Colflesh & J. Wiley. 2012. Uncorking the muse: Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving. Consciousness and Cognition 21: 487-493.