Conservation Biology seminar 2010


22.09.2010 Olivier Roth and Marcel Moser
CB website: current stand of the project

29.09.2010 Jean-Yves Humbert
Leaving uncut grass refuges when mowing benefits orthopterans

06.10.2010 Pierrick Buri
Lowland module of the Grassland management project: new mowing regimes for extensively managed grassland: design and methods

13.10.2010 Fabrice Helfenstein, Evolutionary Ecology Lab, Uni Bern
Carotenoid-based colours, oxidative stress and sperm quality

20.10.2010 Steffen Hahn, Schweizerische Vogelwarte, Sempach
Large individual variation in migration pattern in a population of European Hoopoes migrating to sub-Saharan Africa

27.10.2010 Aline Andrey
Alpine module of the Grassland management project: optimizing fertilization and irrigation for ecosystem services in subalpine meadowland: design and methods

03.11.2010 Alain Jacot
Effects of limited nest-sites in blue tits

10.11.2010 Patrick Heer
Evaluating the conservation efficiency of bladder senna plantations for the iolas blue

17.11.2010 Madeleine Kröpfli
Factors influenzing colonization of newly created ponds by an endangered amphibian species

24.11.2010 Alex Grendelmeier
Breeding success and nest predation in the declining Wood Warbler - First Results

01.12.2010 Sabrina Kumschick, PhD student Uni Bern
Impacts of climatc change and alien species in Europe

seminar cancelled

15.12.2010 Veronika Braunisch
Priority issues in biodiversity conservation identified by Swiss practitioners: How to orient future academic research?