Journal club 2010


Introduction to the journal club and choice of papers.

29.09.2010 Alex Grendelmeier
Johnson, H.E. et al. 2010. Combining ground count, telemetry, and mark–resight data to infer population dynamics in an endangered species. Journal of Applied Ecology 47: 1083-1093.

06.10.2010 Tamara Emmenegger
Peery, M.Z. & R.W. Henry. 2010. Recovering marbled murrelets via corvid management: A population viability analysis approach. Biological Conservation 143: 2414-2424.

13.10.2010 Daniela Miltner
Kerbiriou, C. et al. 2009. Tourism in protected areas can threaten wild populations: from individual response to population viability of the chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. Journal of Applied Ecology 46: 657-665.

20.10.2010 Madeleine Kröpfli
Roberge, J.M. et al. 2008. Specialised woodpeckers and naturalness in hemiboreal forests - Deriving quantitative targets for conservation planning. Biological Conservation 141: 997-1012.

27.10.2010 Tricia Tran
Gowdy, J. et al. 2010. What Every Conservation Biologist Should Know about Economic Theory. Conservation Biology 24: 1440-1447.

03.11.2010 Sophie Ryser
Hau, M. et al. 2010. Corticosterone, testosterone and life-history strategies of birds. Proceedings of the Royal Society. Series B, Biological sciences 277: 3203-3212.

10.11.2010 Nadine Apolloni
Wilsey, B.J. et al. 2005. Relationships among indices suggest that richness is an incomplete surrogate for grassland biodiversity. Ecology 86: 1178-1184.

17.11.2010 Louis Emil Sutter
Martin, J.G.A. & Réale, D. 2008. Animal temperament and human disturbance: Implications for the response of wildlife to tourism. Behavioural Processes 77: 66-72.

24.11.2010 Kim Karlsson Moritz
Pöyry, J. et al. 2006. Different responses of plants and herbivore insects to a gradient of vegetation height: an indicator of the vertebrate grazing intensity and successional age. Oikos 115: 401-412.

01.12.2010 nobody
Bradbury, R.B. et al. 2010. Lowland farmland bird conservation in the context of wider ecosystem service delivery. Journal of Applied Ecology 47: 986-993.

08.12.2010 Pierrick Buri
O'Hara, R.B. 2009. How to make models add up - a primer on GLMMs. Annales Zoologici Fennici 46: 124-137.

15.12.2010 Aline Andrey
Ellison, A.M. & Dennis, B. 2010. Paths to statistical fluency for ecologists. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 8: 362-370.