Journal Club 2020

Fall semester 2020

16.09.2020 Introduction to the Journal Club and distribution of papers

23.09.2020 No Journal Club

30.09.2020 No Journal Club

07.10.2020 No Journal Club

14.10.2020 Carole Niffenegger
Kamp et al. 2015. Global population collapse in a superabundant migratory bird and illegal trapping in China. Conservation biology, 29(6), 1684-1694. (PDF, 1.4 MB) (Proposed by Jean-Yves)

21.10.2020 Stephan Niederer
Gregr et al. 2020. Cascading social-ecological costs and benefits triggered by a recovering keystone predator. Science, 368(6496), 1243-1247. (PDF, 714KB) (Proposed by Jean-Yves)

28.10.2020 Alina Kurmann
Šálek et al. 2020. Uncropped habitats under power pylons are overlooked refuges for small mammals in agricultural landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 290, 106777. (PDF, 213KB) (Proposed by Jean-Yves)

04.11.2020 Ariane Stöckli
Kardol et al. 2009. Soil organism and plant introductions in restoration of species‐rich grassland communities. Restoration Ecology, 17(2), 258-269. (PDF, 720KB) (Proposed by Daniel Slodowicz)

11.11.2020 Jasmin Liedtke
Bolam et al. 2020. How many bird and mammal extinctions has recent conservation action prevented? Conservation Letters. (PDF, 1.5 MB) (Proposed by Arnaud)

18.11.2020 Anina Hold
Delory et al. 2019. When history matters: The overlooked role of priority effects in grassland overyielding. Functional Ecology, 33(12), 2369-2380. (PDF, 1.3 MB) (Proposed by Daniel Slodowicz)

25.11.2020 Cécile Auberson
May et al. 2020. Paint it black: Efficacy of increased wind turbine rotor blade visibility to reduce avian fatalities. Ecology and Evolution, 10(16), 8927-8935. (PDF, 1.0 MB) (Proposed by Sergio Vignali)

02.12.2020 No Journal Club

09.12.2020 No Journal Club

16.12.2020 No Journal Club