Journal club 2011


Introduction to the journal club and distribution of papers

02.03.2011 Daniela Miltner
Vierikko, K., J. Pellikka, I.K. Hanski, T. Myllyviita, J. Niemelä, S. Vehkamäki & H. Lindén. 2010. Indicators of sustainable forestry: The association between wildlife species and forest structure in Finland. Ecological Indicators 10: 361-369.

09.03.2011 Nadine Apolloni
Cantú-Salazar, L. & K.J. Gaston. 2010. Very Large Protected Areas and Their Contribution to Terrestrial to Biological Conservation. BioScience 60: 808-818.

16.03.2011 Sophie Ryser
Helden, A.J., A. Anderson, H. Sheridan & G. Purvis. 2010. The role of grassland sward islets in the distribution of arthropods in cattle pastures. Insect Conservation and Diversity 3: 291-301.

23.03.2011 Tamara Emmenegger
Penteriani, V., M. Ferrer & M.M. Delgado. 2011. Floater strategies and dynamics in birds, and their importance in conservation biology: towards an understanding of nonbreeders in avian populations. Animal Conservation, Online First (9 pages).

30.03.2011 Aline Andrey
Dickson, T.L. & B.L. Foster. 2011. Fertilization decreases plant biodiversity even when light is not limiting. Ecology Letters, Online First (9 pages).

06.04.2011 Claire Bottini
Clutton-Brock, T. & B.C. Sheldon. 2010. Individuals and populations: the role of long-term, individual-based studies of animals in ecology and evolutionary biology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25: 562-573.

13.04.2011 Pierrick Buri
Prieto-Benítez, S. & M. Méndez. 2011. Effects of land management on the abundance and richness of spiders (Araneae): A meta-analysis. Biological Conservation 144: 683-691.

20.04.2011 Franck Gandiaga
Anderson, A., S. McCormack, A. Helden, H. Sheridan, A. Kinsella & G. Purvis. The potential of parasitoid Hymenoptera as bioindicators of arthropod diversity in agricultural grasslands. Journal of Applied Ecology, Online First (9 pages).


Introduction to the journal club and distribution of papers

28.09.2011 Franck Gandiaga
Cardoso, P., T.L. Erwin, P.A.V. Borges & T.R. New. 2011. The seven impediments in invertebrate conservation and how to overcome them. Biological Conservation 144: 2647-2655.

05.10.2011 Claire Bottini
Fuentes-Montemayor, E., D. Goulson & K.J. Park. 2011. Pipistrelle bats and their prey do not benefit from four widely applied agri-environment management prescriptions. Biological Conservation 144: 2233-2246.

12.10.2011 Nathalie Keller
Kleijn, D., M. Rundlöf, J. Scheper, H.G. Smith & T. Tscharntke. 2011. Does conservation on farmland contribute to halting the biodiversity decline? Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26: 474-481.

19.10.2011 Eléonore Tran
Alanen, E.L., T. Hyvönen, S. Lindgren, O. Härmä & M. Kuussaari. 2011. Differential responses of bumblebees and diurnal Lepidoptera to vegetation succession in long-term set-aside. Journal of Applied Ecology 48: 1251-1259.

26.10.2011 Lea Hofstetter
Pickett, S.R.A. & G.M. Siriwardena. 2011. The relationship between multi-scale habitat heterogeneity and farmland bird abundance. Ecography 34: 955-969.

02.11.2011 Sophie Ryser
Lampila, P., E. Ranta, M. Mönkkönen, H. Lindén & P. Helle. 2011. Grouse dynamics and harvesting in Kainuu, northeastern Finland. Oikos 120: 1057-104.

09.11.2011 Sascha Wellig
Ferrer, M., M. de Lucas, G.F.E. Janss, E. Casado, A.R. Muñoz, M.J. Bechard & C.P. Calabuig. 2012. Weak relationship between risk assessment studies and recorded mortality in wind farms. Journal of Applied Ecology 49: 38-46.

16.11.2011 Nicolas Guillod
Hardin, G. 1968. The Tragedy of the Commons. Science 162: 1243-1248. -- Hardin, G. 1998. Extensions of "The Tragedy of the Commons". Science 280: 682-683.

23.11.2011 Laura Bosco
Barrientos, R., J.C. Alonso, C. Ponce & C. Palacín. 2011. Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Marked Wire in Reducing Avian Collisions with Power Lines. Conservation Biology 25: 893-903.

30.11.2011 Tamara Emmenegger
Zuur, A.F., E.N. Ieno & C.S. Elphick. 2010. A protocol for data exploration to avoid common statistical problems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 1: 3-14.

07.12.2011 Nadine Apolloni
Sodhi, N.S., R. Butler, W.F. Laurance & L. Gibson. 2011. Conservation successes at micro-, meso- and macroscales. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26: 585-594.

14.12.2011 Daniela Miltner
Liberg, O., G. Chapron, P. Wabakken, H.C. Pedersen, N.T. Hobbs & H. Sand. 2012. Shoot, shovel and shut up: cryptic poaching slows restoration of a large carnivore in Europe. Proceedings of the Royal Society. Series B, Biological sciences 279: 910-915.