Pace 2016

22.09.2016 Introduction to the seminar followed by
Santiago Soliveres, IPS Bern
Grassland biodiversity and ecosystem multifunctionality  pdf1 (PDF, 763KB), pdf2 (PDF, 4.8 MB)

29.09.2016 Markus Fischer, IPS Bern
An example of conservation-related international science-policy interaction: The IPBES Assessment on Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production  pdf1 (PDF, 9.7 MB) (focus in particular on pp. 8-11) , pdf2 (PDF, 88KB)

06.10.2016 no PACE (due to faculty meeting)

13.10.2016 Martin M. Gossner, WSL Birmensdorf
Does only the amount count? - The role of dead wood for biodiversity conservation in European beech forests  pdf1 (PDF, 339KB), pdf2 (PDF, 360KB)

20.10.2016 no PACE

27.10.2016 no PACE (due to Forum Biodiversity)

03.11.2016 Fridolin Zimmermann, KORA
Monitoring of lynx and wolf in Switzerland  pdf1 (PDF, 818KB), pdf2 (PDF, 472KB), pdf3 (PDF, 2.9 MB) (pp 24-25)

10.11.2016 no PACE (due to faculty meeting)

17.11.2016 Michael Jutzi, Info Flora  pdf1 (PDF, 3.3 MB), pdf2_G (PDF, 5.1 MB) (pp 1-16 & 73-79), pdf2_F (PDF, 5.2 MB) (pp 1-16 & 73-79)
Red List of the Swiss Flora 2016 - citizen science approach and results

24.11.2016 Nadia Bruyndonckx
Applied technology: the new wave in shark conservation  pdf1 (PDF, 920KB), pdf2 (PDF, 9.7 MB), some additional links: Link1, Link2 (pp. 70-81)

01.12.2016 Ramon Müller + Andrea Lips, Pro Natura
Regio Flora – From the region. For biodiversity.  pdf1 (PDF, 2.3 MB), pdf2 (PDF, 413KB) (in German only), Website (in German and French)

08.12.2016 Christof Angst, CSCF
CSCF-Info Fauna: node for the distribution of species distribution data on a national and international level  pdf1 (PDF, 1.5 MB) (in German and French), Website

15.12.2016 no PACE (due to faculty meeting)

22.12.2016 Exam