Pace 2013

19.09.2013 Introduction to the lecture series

26.09.2013 Pete Manning, IPS, University of Bern
Managing the Impacts of Nitrogen Enrichment on Plant Biodiversity

03.10.2013 no PACE (due to faculty meeting)

10.10.2013 Pierre Commenville, IUCN, Gland (Switzerland)
Knowledge production and policy-influencing in a major conservation organisation : what and how ?

17.10.2013 Michela Wetter, Agroscope, Wädenswil
Farmland birds and pesticides

24.10.2013 Hendrik Reers, Freiburger Institut für angewandte Tierökologie, Freiburg (Germany)
Wind energy and bat fatality

31.10.2013 Sabine Braun, Insitut für Angewandte Pflanzenbiologie, Schönenbuch
Effects of nitrogen enrichment on forest ecosystems

07.11.2013 no PACE (due to faculty meeting)

14.11.2013 Eric Allan, IPS, University of Bern
Effects of land-use intensity on grassland biodiversity

21.11.2013 Jodok Guntern, Forum Biodiversität Schweiz
How much of the Swiss area do we need to maintain Swiss biodiversity and ecosystem services?

28.11.2013 Micha Herdtfelder, Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg/FVA, Freiburg (Germany)
The willingness of poaching lynx - human dimension as a key factor for success in large carnivore management

05.12.2013 Exam