Journal Club 2023

Spring semester 2023


22.02.2023 Introduction to the Journal club and distribution of papers

01.03.2023 Célestin Luisier
Zeller et al. 2018. Are all data types and connectivity models created equal? Validating common connectivity approaches with dispersal data. Diversity and Distributions, 24(7):868-879. (Proposed by Andrin) PDF

08.03.2023 Sidney Friedrich
Toomey et al. 2023. Why facts don't change minds: Insights from cognitive science for the improved communication of conservation research. Biological Conservation, 278:109886. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

15.03.2023 Lucy Novovitch
Plaza et al. 2019. The perfect threat: Pesticides and vultures. Science of the Total Environment 687: 1207-1218 (Proposed by Sergio) PDF

22.03.2023 Gaëtan Marchand
Eskelinen et al. 2022. Light competition drives herbivore and nutrient effects on plant diversity. Nature 611: 301-305 (Proposed by Jean-Yves) PDF

29.03.2023 Ivana Cernenka
Kim et al. 2022. Forest microclimate and composition mediate long-term trends of breeding bird populations. Global Change Biology 28: 6180-6193 (Proposed by Ian) PDF

05.04.2023 Jana Dammer
Suraci et al. 2016. Fear of large carnivores causes a trophic cascade. Nature Communications 7:10698 (Proposed by Vero) PDF

12.04.2023 Easter break

19.04.2023 Maude Vernet
Manlick et al. 2020. Can landscape heterogeneity promote carnivore coexistence in human-dominated landscapes? Landscape Ecology 35: 2013-2027 (Proposed by Jean-Yves) PDF

26.04.2023 Rico Felder
Pollock et al. 2020. Heat tolerances of temperate and tropical birds and their implications for susceptibility to climate warming. Functional Ecology 35:93-104 (Proposed by Ian) PDF

03.05.2023 Greg Egloff
Sand-Jensen 2007. How to write consistently boring scientific literature. Oikos 116: 723-727 (Proposed by Romain) PDF

10.05.2023 Lisa Moser
Santangeli et al. 2019. Priority areas for conservation of Old World vultures. Conservation Biology 33(5): 1056-1065 (Proposed by Sergio) PDF


Fall semester 2023


20.09.2023 Introduction to the Journal club and distribution of papers

27.09.2023 Célestin
Duell et al. (2023) Inoculation with native soil improves seedling survival and reduces non‐native reinvasion in a grassland restoration. Restoration Ecology, 31, e13685. (Proposed by Laura) PDF

4.10.2023 Lisa
Riddell et al. (2021) Exposure to climate change drives stability or collapse of desert mammal and bird communities. Science, 371, 633-636. (Proposed by Ian) PDF

11.10.2023 Valeria and Lara
Tanentzap & Smith (2018) Unintentional rewilding: lessons for trophic rewilding from other forms of species introductions. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 373, 20170445. (Proposed by Shaquille) PDF

18.10.2023 Lalya and Pascal
Hall & Chalfoun (2019) Behavioural plasticity modulates temperature‐related constraints on foraging time for a montane mammal. Journal of Animal Ecology, 88, 363-375. (Proposed by Ian) PDF

25.10.2023 Léa and Greg
Cafaro et al. (2022) Overpopulation is a major cause of biodiversity loss and smaller human populations are necessary to preserve what is left. Biological Conservation, 272, 109646. (Proposed by Jean-Yves) PDF
Reply by Hughes et al. PDF
Rejoinder by Authors PDF

1.11.2023 Juliette
Terui et al. (2023) Intentional release of native species undermines ecological stability. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120, e2218044120. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

8.11.2023 Sidney
Betts et al. (2021) When are hypotheses useful in ecology and evolution? Ecology and Evolution, 11, 5762-5776. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

15.11.2023 Rico
Laguardia et al. (2021) Nationwide abundance and distribution of African forest elephants across Gabon using non-invasive SNP genotyping. Global Ecology and Conservation, 32, e01894. (Proposed by Andrin) PDF

22.11.2023 Jeanne
Shackleton et al. (2023) Navigating power in conservation. Conservation Science and Practice, 5, e12877. (Proposed by Stefano) PDF

29.11.2023 Luise
Meier et al. (2022) Disentangling direct and indirect drivers of farmland biodiversity at landscape scale. Ecology Letters, 25, 2422-2434. (Proposed by Jean-Yves) PDF

December 6, 2023 Laetitia
Adamo et al. (2021) Plant scientists’ research attention is skewed towards colourful, conspicuous and broadly distributed flowers. Nature Plants, 7, 574-578. (Proposed by Shaquille) PDF

13.12.2023 Serena
Zhang et al. (2023) Experimental impacts of grazing on grassland biodiversity and function are explained by aridity. Nature Communications, 14, 5040. (Proposed by Laura) PDF

20.12.2023 Luca, Silja and Tom
Kareiva & Marvier (2012) What is conservation science? Bioscience, 62, 962-969. (Proposed by Ian) PDF
Replies by others and rejoinder by Authors PDF