Scops owl

Here is a picture from a Scops owl

This insectivorous nocturnal raptor is migratory in Central Europe. In Switzerland it breeds only in the South (Valais and Ticino). The species suffers from the decrease of invertebrate-rich meadows following agricultural intensification. The Swiss Ornithological Institute tries to enhance habitat suitability by promoting uncut field margins in grasslands to improve conditions for grasshoppers, the main prey of this owlet.

Uni Bern supervisor

Raphaël Arlettaz


Sierro, A. & R. Arlettaz. 2013. Utilisation de l'habitat et stratégie de chasse chez les derniers Petit-ducs Otus scops de l'adret valaisan: mesures de conservation ciblées. Nos Oiseaux 60:79-90. (PDF, 578KB)

Sierro, A. & R. Arlettaz. 2009. Bande erbose non sfalciate per favorire l'Assiolo Otus scops. Ficedula 42: 2-8. (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Related Master thesis

Klein, N. 2019. Effects of grassland management intensity on orthopterans as food resource for insectivorous birds. Master Thesis, University of Bern.