Loggerhead sea turtle

Here ist a picture from a Loggerhead sea turtle

As many sea turtles worldwide, Loggerheads decline in many places, including the Mediterranean. We launched a project on Zakynthos, Greece, to better understand what is affecting this largest rookery in the Mediterranean. We first looked at nesting beach conditions and nesting choice by the turtles; second, we assessed with satellite telemetry the whereabouts and winter grounds of several individuals during the non-breeding season. Finally we investigated extra-pair paternity in the context of climate warming which may alter the sex ratio in the breeding population. This information is now used to enhance the conservation management of this major rookery.

Uni Bern supervisors

Adrian Aebischer, Raphaël Arlettaz

External collaborator

Dimitris Margaritoulis, ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, Athens, Greece


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Related PhD Thesis

Zbinden, J.A. 2006. Conservation Biology of the largest population of the loggerhead sea turtle in the Mediterranean. PhD Thesis, University of Bern PDF