I am passionate about the conservation of endangered species and how species loss impacts people’s lives. I am currently completing my Master’s thesis to assess the risk to resident species related to the translocation of an endangered bird species. The Sihek (Guam kingfisher) is a bird native to Guam island in the Pacific Ocean, which was extirpated from its native range following introduction of an invasive snake species. By releasing the bird in a new habitat beyond its historical range, managers aim to increase the species' current population size in the hope of eventually reintroducing it to its native range in a snake-free Guam. The aim of my MSc project is to assess the potential risks posed by this release and help managers devise risk mitigation strategies.


This project is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Stefano Canessa, in collaboration with the Zoological Society of London and the IUCN/SSC Conservation Translocations specialist group.