Conservation ecologist and taxonomist with a strong interest in Coleoptera and Araneae taxa.

As part of my doctoral thesis (BFH-UNIBE) I am investigating the potential of the White-backed Woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos) as an umbrella species for saproxylic beetles in Central Europe. This research revolves around 3 axes, namely 1. the saproxylic communities found at the stand level using flight interception traps, 2. the saproxylic communities associated with dead standing trees, and 3. the vertical stratification of saproxylic beetles in experimentally supplemented deadwood design (

Beside my PhD work and since 2018, I am responsible for assessing the biodiversity of saproxylic beetles in a network of forest reserves in Switzerland as a WSL scientific collaborator (

With an educational background in agroecology, I enjoy staying connected to various projects related to grassland restoration and field crops biodiversity enhancement