PACE (Plant & Animal Conservation Ecology)

The goal of this lecture series is to provide students with a broad view of conservation research and practice, and to contribute to bridging the gap between the two. We invite people working in biodiversity conservation within different professional frameworks (NGOs, federal and cantonal administration, media), as well as people carrying out conservation research. Each lecturer provides materials which the students have to study beforehand.

Location: In 2017 the presentations take place at Haller Auditorium, Baltzerstrasse 1, 3012 Bern.

Time schedule: Thursday, 16:15–18:00

Autumn Semester 2017


21.09.2017 Introduction

28.09.2017 Prof. Mark van Kleunen, University of Konstanz
Global patterns and drivers of plant naturalization (PDF1, PDF2)

05.10.2017 No PACE

12.10.2017 Caterina Penone, University of Bern
Contribution of railway edges to urban biodiversity (PDF1, PDF2)

19.10.2017 Mark Rutherfoord
Conservation Project in South Africa, Gondwana Game Reserve (PDFs on Ilias)

26.10.2017 Christian Imesch, UNA Atelier für Naturschutz und Umweltfragen
Springs – a lost habitat (PDF1, PDF2)

02.11.2017 Nicola Schoenenberger, INNOVABRIDGE Foundation
GM-Oilseed Rape in the Swiss Environment: a next-generation weed? (PDF1, PDF2)

09.11.2017 No PACE

16.11.2017 Anita Studer, NORDESTA Reforestation et Education
Rescuing a tropical forest in Brazil - thanks to a species of bird supposed to be extinct (PDF1)

23.11.2017 Sara Wehrli, Pro Natura
The wolf in Switzerland: Pro Natura conservation strategy for the coexistence with a large carnivore (PDF1)

30.11.2017 Martin Schlaepfer, University of Geneva
The overlooked contributions of non-native species to biodiversity and society (PDF1, PDF2)

07.12.2017 No PACE

14.12.2017 No PACE

21.12.2017 Exam