Journal club

Here we discuss a recently published paper relevant to the field of conservation biology. The paper is introduced by a pre-selected BSc, MSc or PhD student (mandatory for getting ECTS). The presentation consists of a short summary (10') followed by an evaluation (5’). There is then a general discussion with the audience. Note that the autumn journal club (1.5 ECTS) takes place throughout the semester, whereas the spring journal club (0.75 ECTS) takes place only during the first half of the semester. Students intending to take part have to register on ILIAS before the start of the journal club. Registration of participating students on ePUB should be effected at latest two weeks before the end of the event.

Location: Erlachstrasse 9a (central building), seminar room (ground floor)

Time schedule: Wednesday, 14:15–15:00

Spring semester 2019

20.02.2019 Introduction to the Journal Club and distribution of papers

27.02.2019 Gerard Martinez
Martin, A.E. et al. 2018. Flying insect abundance declines with increasing road traffic. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 11:608-613. (PDF, 282KB) (Proposed by Jean-Yves)

06.03.2019 Elisenda Peris
Wikenros, C. et al. 2017. Fear or food–abundance of red fox in relation to occurrence of lynx and wolf. Scientific Reports, 7:9059. (PDF, 1.6 MB) (Proposed by Veronika)

13.03.2019 Franziska Arnold and Noemi Verdicchia
Eng, M.L. et al. 2017. Imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos insecticides impair migratory ability in a seed-eating songbird. Scientific Reports, 7:15176. (PDF, 2.1 MB) (proposed by Alain and Raphaël)

20.03.2019 Cécile Auberson
Steinbauer, M.J. et al. 2018. Accelerated increase in plant species richness on mountain summits is linked to warming. Nature, 556:231-234. (PDF, 4.5 MB) (Proposed by Arnaud)

27.03.2019 Gino Enz
Fry, E.L. et al. 2017. Plant, soil and microbial controls on grassland diversity restoration: a long‐term, multi‐site mesocosm experiment. Journal of Applied Ecology, 54:1320-1330.(PDF, 308KB) (Proposed by Daniel)


10.04.2019 Ivan Candolfi
Martikainen, P. et al. 1998. Threatened beetles in white‐backed woodpecker habitats. Conservation Biology, 12:293-301. (PDF, 536KB) (Proposed by Romain)

17.04.2019 Carla Anliker
Seibold, S. et al. 2018. Experiments with dead wood reveal the importance of dead branches in the canopy for saproxylic beetle conservation. (PDF, 671KB) Forest Ecology and Management, 409:564-570. (Proposed by Romain)