Journal club

Here we discuss a recently published paper relevant to the field of conservation biology. The paper is introduced by a pre-selected BSc, MSc or PhD student (mandatory for getting ECTS). The presentation consists of a short summary (10') followed by an evaluation (5’). There is then a general discussion with the audience. Note that the autumn journal club (1.5 ECTS) takes place throughout the semester, whereas the spring journal club (0.75 ECTS) takes place only during the first half of the semester. Students intending to take part have to register on ILIAS before the start of the journal club. Registration of participating students on ePUB should be effected at latest two weeks before the end of the event.

Location: Erlachstrasse 9a (central building), seminar room (ground floor)

Time schedule: Wednesday, 14:15–15:00

Spring semester 2018

21.02.2018 Introduction to the Journal Club and distribution of papers

28.02.2018 Dina Gebhardt and Sophie Rüfenacht
Gehr, B. et al. 2017. A landscape of coexistence for a large predator in a human dominated landscape. Oikos, 126: 1389-1399. (PDF, 4.4 MB) (Proposed by Raphaël)

07.03.2018 Marco Pilati and Yann Rime
Virkkala, R. & A. Lehikoinen 2017. Birds on the move in the face of climate change: High species turnover in northern Europe. Ecology and Evolution, 7: 8201-8209. (PDF, 484KB) (Proposed by Jaime)

14.03.2018 Julia Besimo and Gino Enz
García-Gonzalez, R. et al. 2016. Influence of Snowmelt Timing on the Diet Quality of Pyrenean Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta pyrenaica): Implications for Reproductive Success. PLoS ONE, 11: e0148632. (PDF, 1.0 MB) (Proposed by Jaime)

21.03.2018 Sarah Rohr and Astrance Fenestraz
Fordham, D.A. et al. 2018. How complex should models be? Comparing correlative and mechanistic range dynamics models. Global Change Biology, 24: 1357-1370. (PDF, 1.5 MB) (Proposed by Arnaud)

28.03.2018 Beatrice Schranz and Noëlle Klein
Hallmann, C.A. et al. 2017. More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas. PLoS ONE, 12: e0185809. (PDF, 12.8 MB) (Proposed by Jean-Yves)

04.04.2018 No Journal Club

11.04.2018 Sarah Ettlin and Lucas Rossier
Engst, K. et al. 2017. Predicting the establishment success of introduced target species in grassland restoration by functional traits. Ecology and Evolution, 7: 7442-7453. (PDF, 849KB) (Proposed by Daniel)

18.04.2018 Thérèse Sottas (to be confirmed)
Pimm, S.L. et al. 2014. The biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection. Science, 344: 987-+. (PDF, 3.8 MB) (Proposed by Jean-Yves)