Conservation Biology


Ecological quality: does plant and invertebrate diversity correlate?

Extensively managed meadows registered under Swiss agri-environment schemes (Biodiversitätsförderflächen in German) represent around 10% of the Swiss farmland. Farmers get input-based financial support from the government for good practices on these meadows. If the meadow reaches a certain ecological quality, the farmer get rewarded with an output-based payment. The quality of the meadow is evaluated with an assessment key that is based on the presence/absence of indicator plants species.

The aim of my study is to investigate if there are correlations between the plant indicator species of the assessment key and the invertebrate diversity on the meadow.

To achive this I will apply the assessment key in 47 extensively managed meadows located on the Swiss Plateau and test if it correlates with the invertebrate data collected the last 6 years on the same meadows. Additional i will sample the orthopteran in summer 2017. For the analysis I will distinguish between different taxa, life-traits, species richness and abundance.

Curriculum Vitae

Year Description
2014 - present Master of Science in Ecology and Evolution with special qualification in Animal Ecology and Conservation, Conservation Biology, University of Bern
2013-2016 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Bioscience, Universität Trier (DE)