Conservation Biology


MSc thesis

Effects of habitat fragmentation in vineyards on bumble bee foraging activity and colony fitness

In my project, I focus on the influence of habitat fragmentation in Valais vineyards on bumble bees. In the recent decades, agricultural intensification and conversion of natural habitats to cropland has driven habitat loss and fragmentation and a decline of many species. We investigate the effects of fragmentation on foraging trip duration and colony fitness of the large earth bumble bee (Bombus terrestris). For this purpose, we will place bumble bee colonies in vineyard parcels of varying fragmentation degree and measure foraging trip duration with RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to automatically register when the tagged bumble bees leave and enter the hive. Colony fitness will be measured by weight gain of the whole colony and final number of young queens, drones and workers.

Curriculum Vitae

Year Description
2016 - present MSc in Ecology and Evolution, Department of Conservation Biology
2013 -2016
Bachelor of Science in Biology at University of Bern
2010 - 2013
High School at Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt, Bern