My research is driven by an interest in current anthropogenic impact on ecosystems and methods to combine resources exploitation and preservation of biodiversity. My PhD project takes place in agricultural systems in the Swiss Alps where a long history of small scale, extensive farming has promoted a rich assemblages of species in this habitat. However, intense shifts in farming practices have occurred in the recent decades in those agro-ecosystems, resulting in a dramatic loss of grassland flora and fauna diversity. The aim of this research project is to find the best management practice that preserves biodiversity to achieve ecosystem functioning while maintaining acceptable yield (i.e. income) for farmers working in these upland meadows. Our research group is experimentally testing different management regimes since 2010. Our findings will lead to evidence based recommendations on sustainable management practices.

People involved

Dr. Jean-Yves Humbert (Supervision), Prof. Raphaël Arlettaz (Head of Division)

Curriculum vitae

Year Description

2014-present PhD in Conservation Ecology, Ecology and Evolution Institute, Univeristy of Bern, Switzerland
2011-2013 MSc in Biology - Thesis: A phylogenetic study of flowering phenology in tundra plants of the Canadian Subarctic, McGill University, Qc Canada
2007-2010 BSc in Ecology, Sherbrooke University, Qc Canada 


2013 Lessard-Therrien, M, Davies, TJ, & Bolmgren, K (2014). A phylogenetic comparative study of flowering phenology along an elevational gradient in the Canadian subarctic. International Journal of Biometeorology, 58(4), 455-462.
2014 Lessard-Therrien, M, Bolmgren, K, &  Davies, TJ (2014) Predicting flowering phenology in a subarctic plant community. Botany 92(10): 749-756.