My major research interests are focused on studies of trophic ecology, habitat selection, breeding biology, migration patterns and population dynamics in birds as model species, with special focus on conservation biology. My research combines fieldwork, laboratory and statistical techniques by working with species that markedly differ in their biology and ecology such as the Snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis), the Bonelli's Eagle (Aquila fasciata) and the white stork (Ciconia ciconia). I am particularly interested in studying the effects of climate and land use changes on alpine birds using models based on realistic measures of association between species distribution and habitat use (link). I am also interested in the use of intrinsic biological markers such as stable isotopes to assess migration patterns (e.g. flow of individuals between breeding and wintering populations) (link).


Curriculum Vitae

Year Description
2015 – present Post-doc research assistant, Division Conservation Biology, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern.
Oct - Dec 2014 Career development bursary (British Ornithologists’ Union), Division Conservation Biology, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern
2009 - 2014
PhD Student, Conservation Biology Group, Department of Vertebrates, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona
Oct - Dec 2011 PhD research stay, Centre for Ecology and Conservation, University of Exeter
2008 - 2009 MSc in Biodiversity, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona
2006 - 2007 Erasmus student, 4th year of Bachelor degree, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Iceland
2003 - 2008
BSc in Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of Salamanca


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